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Developing Low Cost Technologies

Harnessing Technological Breakthroughs to Over Ride Infrastructural Barriers

To develop low cost technologies to make the delivery of such services feasible to locations with low band width. Some interesting projects include involving the use of smartphones to digitize and transmit Xray images obtained at PHCs or small rural diagnostic centers , as well as developing low cost software for uploading, review, archival and reporting of such radiologic images are being actively supported by the Telerad Foundation.  

Partners with Government Agencies and Rural Area Health Centers

The Foundation also supports ongoing projects that are focussed on developing low cost telemedicine solutions for delivery of primary as well as specialist consultations to a rural population. Research partners include UNICEF and NHSRC.

Story from the Field

Ms Devi from Itanagar aged 70 years, had been suffering from headache and giddiness for of 3 months. The physician at Ramakrishna Mission Hospital Dr Kaki referred her for a CT scan which was performed on 20/6/2015. Immediately the scan images were electronically transmitted to TRS teleradiology reporting center at Bangalore, Karnataka where Dr Harish reviewed the images and observed numerous small cysts within the brain, based on which he diagnosed the condition neurocysticercosis, representing a parasitic infection of the brain that occurs from eating contaminated pork. This is a condition that is highly treatable with medication and does not require any surgical intervention. The appropriate treatment was therefore started immediately and Ms Devi is on course for an uncomplicated recovery in a very short time.



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