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Success Story GDH (Gulbarga District Hospital)

Gulbarga District Government HospitalTelard foundation GulbargAs part of it�s social commitment and telemedicine initiative , the Telerad Foundation had set up a pilot project for remote CT reporting at Gulbarga District Government Hospital in 2009.

However as there were bandwidth constraints at the hospital , not many cases were sent to us . Based on our suggestion, they have increased their internet bandwidth and now since June 2010 the Telerad Foundation is providing Free Teleradiology services (CT reporting) to the hospital for economically poor patients.

Prior to this the patients had to get their CTs reported from local consultants after paying the prescribed fee. This was a significant financial burden on the poor patients and also frequently led to delay in patient care as many times the local consultant was busy.

After we setup the teleradiology reporting solution for them , patient care at the hospital has improved significantly.

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