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Volunteer To Read A Scan Per Day
Volunteer To Teach An e-Lecture In Radiology Total scans read for remote areas in Asia


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Providing Telemedicine Support

Provide high Standard of Diagnosis and Care where it is unavailable - We provide teleradiology support to hospitals in rural/semirural or underserved areas in Asia that are unable to obtain on-site radiology coverage, and thereby provide a higher standard of diagnosis and care to such communities  

Story from the Field

The relationship with the Ramakrishna Mission Hospitals in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh and Vrindavan has resulted in over 50,000 CT and MRI scans being reported free of cost for the tribal and underserved populations of these areas. While the majority of the reporting is done by TRS' own team of radiologists global doctors contribute through its novel "Read a scan a day" volunteer initiative.



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