We are eternally grateful and continually reenergised by the kind and encouraging testimonials and letters of appreciation we receive.

… I am writing to express my appreciation for your enterprise of charity scan reporting of which I am now a part. This fantastic idea has filled in a great void for radiologists who would wish to contribute selflessly to social causes but do not find the right infrastructure to channel their contribution.

God bless you for this noble enterprise and wish ever increasing power to all such efforts…

Dr Suman Bandhu
Volunteer Radiologist, UK

… There being very few radiologists available in our district, apart from those at the District Hospital at Jangjir and Civil Hospital at Champa, the teleradiology services being provided by the Telerad Foundation are really a great boon for the patients in our area…

Dr SP Rathore
Renuka Diagnostics / Rathore Digital X-Ray, Chhattisgarh

… Without your help the Sevashrama would not have been able to provide the CT scan facility to the poor and needy patients at highly subsidized rates. Your prompt response in sending accurate reports deserves our deep appreciation. On behalf of hundreds of patients and our doctors we convey our heartfelt gratitude for your dedicated service to the rural and marginalized sections of the society…

Swami Suprakashananda
Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama (Charitable Hospital), Uttar Pradesh

… We would like to place on record our gratitude and appreciation for your technical assistance in the free setup of Teleradiology at our hospital… we are also grateful for the subsequent Free reporting of X-rays that Telerad Foundation has been providing for the tribals and poor patients that visit our hospital…

Dr Seetharam MR
President, Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement, Karnataka