Field Visit at PHCs in Raichur: 12th September 2022

Mr Francis and Mr Jay Kumar from RxDx-Telerad Foundation team conducting field visit at Phygital PHCs in Raichur, Karnataka. Highlights of the visit include training of our GNM team, audit of medicine and consumable stocks, audit of assets, implementation of token system for beneficiary management, meeting with medical officers, advocacy meetings with the Community, and telemedicine consultations.

Beneficiary feedbacks make us feel proud of the Phygital PHC initiative.

The Phygital PHC supplements and complements the services and outreach of selected Primary Health Centres using a blend of in-person and telehealth services. The Phygital PHC nurses provide physical care: basic diagnostic screening and first aid; patient support; and health education. Digital healthcare brings general practitioners and specialists within easy reach of patients. All services are free of cost for the community.

Phygital PHCs operate in public-private partnership (PPP) mode, supported by State Health & Family Welfare departments and Bayer Foundation India under the latter’s CSR. The Phygital PHC project is managed by Telerad Foundation & RxDx Healthcare.