Phygital PHC programme: Continuous Training Sessions and Supervising Visits Gujarat

The RxDx-Telerad Foundation team with the support of Bayer Foundation India successfully accomplished monitoring visits at three Phygital centres in Chhiri, Koparli and Dungra villages of Gujarat between 7th November and 11th November 2022.

The team has been training its GNMs in operational and communication functions with the aim of enabling faster and efficient Phygital services to the beneficiaries.

They are upskilled in tasks such as maintaining up-to-date medical records, handling medical equipments and executing IT-enabled care activities. Additionally, previously carried out responsibilities were also revised with the GNMs.

Apart from this, the project team has joined hands with the CDHO Dr K P Patel, Taluk Health Officer Dr Maunik and other primary stakeholders like the leaders of Gram Panchayat Committee to discuss recent progresses and future innovations.

The Telerad Foundation team has initiated efforts to gather the impact of telehealth at the target locations.

The Phygital PHC project is a Bayer Foundation India initiative implemented with the support of the respective State Health departments.

RxDx-Telerad Foundation thanks all the community mobilizers including ASHA and Anganwadi workers for their kind contribution to the mobilization and awareness creation activities.