Phygital PHC Sub-Centre Camp Diary: 25th February 2023 at Talamari Village, Raichur District, Karnataka

The Phygital PHC conducted a Breast Cancer Screening and General Health Camp on 25th February 2023 in one of the Sub Centres of Idapanur PHC in Talamari village of Raichur District, Karnataka.

In all 42 women were screened for Breast Cancer with the iBreast Device (newly acquired by Telerad Foundation), an advanced wireless tool designed for efficient diagnosis of palpable breast lumps. Altogether, 46 beneficiaries received consultation from our physicians for hypertension, diabetes, ENT, Paediatrics and other general health problems. Phygital PHC staffs Ms Uma Devi and Ms Sahana led the camp.

Generic medicines were supplied for the camp by the Health Department Karnataka.

Phygital PHC is a CSR initiative of Bayer Foundation. Implemented and managed by Telerad Foundation and RxDx Healthcare.