Digital X-Ray Upgrade : April 18th

Tenax India Industrial Chemical Pvt Ltd dedicated Digital X-ray upgrade that would enable access to Free Chest X-ray for TB screening to high-risk and low-income Individuals in Bengaluru, under its CSR initiative. The upgrade from (CR) computed radiography to (DR) digital radiography has been installed at RxDx Healthcare.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Arshaan Anees, Director, Tenax India, said that “as an organization, we are committed to improving access to healthcare for all, especially for those who are most vulnerable. We believe that by donating this digital X-ray machine to Telerad Foundation for TB screening, we can make a real difference in the lives of poor patients in our community, providing them with the tools they need to detect and treat TB early and effectively and would contribute to national commitment of making India TB free by 2025."